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I am a substantial dog driven by love and loyalty to my nearest and dearest.

I am an impressive figure of strength with my stature, musculature, bearing and demeanor.

I can be the most reliable and loving family companion and a thoroughly determined

force of nature if they are threatened.

I can be a clown and I have a sense of humor. I am smart, make sure you are smarter!

I will make decisions if you don’t!

I was created in a school of hard knocks over generations

on the farms in South Africa. I am tough, hardy, adaptable and can turn my paw to many uses and tasks.

I require love, attention, good food, guidance and proper accommodation – but most of all I require a responsible owner that will care for me and make time for me.

I don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time and I can be destructive when I get bored.

I am happiest when you are with me. I eat a lot and my vet bills can be expensive.

I am generally contented but I do require regular exercise and mental stimulation.

I need training to show me how to behave in various situations and let me know how to please you. I respond very well and learn fast with kindness, consistency and food rewards! I don’t respond well to bullying, violence or rough handling.

I am sensitive to your needs and moods. I feel your stress.

I am protective of my family and those I consider my family, I will defend them to my last breath.

I am a Boerboel, you are my life, my love and my world.

I am your guardian, your companion and your faithful friend until the last beat of my heart.

I am not just a Boerboel, I am your Boerboel.

-By: Jenny Wells-

Bostu Boerboels Love

Continuous aspirations are 
achieved through our quality, 
lovable and devoted four legged, 
family members!

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